Definition of workboat in US English:



  • A boat used for work such as commercial fishing or transporting freight, rather than leisure or naval service.

    • ‘‘We believe there is a market for this type of an aluminium workboat, the material is rust proof, light weight, and very strong’ says Lee Mooney.’
    • ‘Some are oddities, such as miniature tugboats, Chinese junks and small pirate ships, but many are simply modern editions - old-fashioned styles - workboats, harbor launches, fishing trawlers and picnic boats.’
    • ‘Local workboats and cruising yachts staying south of the hurricane belt have kept the boatyard operating at capacity through the summer months, both before and after September 11.’
    • ‘The company have however delivered several similar sized fish farm workboats in the last few years.’
    • ‘The beam is noticeably narrower at the transom than amidships and the slight tumblehome (sides that turn in at the deck rather than flare out) at the transom of the Duffy 35 is typical of the graceful, traditional Downeast workboat style.’
    • ‘Structural Marine in Western Australia is building us two steel 15 metre workboats of about 18 tonnes.’
    • ‘I interjected that it took three burly blokes to get our 5m workboat into the club van, let alone onto a plane.’
    • ‘These craft run the gamut from sleek international racing yachts to historic workboats.’
    • ‘Like the workboats at the fishermen's wharf, the bay boats needed the same care.’
    • ‘Frank says he is the only builder left in Ireland constructing workboats from the basic idea to the finished product.’
    • ‘The workboat from RFA Diligence, which can hold up to 40 people, has been used to ferry personnel to and from the town.’
    • ‘Water was pumped from the workboat in an attempt to refloat her in the outer harbour.’
    • ‘Two workboats, ancient battered things with rusting plates, shouldered into it from either side like a couple of drunks supporting a comatose companion.’
    • ‘The single engine, semi-displacement hull form with deep forefoot and a long deep keel actually more closely resembles Down East-style workboats and cruisers.’
    • ‘Pilothouse motoryachts differ from more traditional motoryachts in that they have a separate, fully enclosed helm raised above deck level similar to bridges found on large commercial vessels and workboats.’
    • ‘So three days later, Gillespie was back aboard the Epic Seahorse, a 210-foot workboat, watching the shoreline recede as he headed back to the oil patch - back, as divers put it, to ‘blowing bubbles.’’
    • ‘From 12.30 pm on Sunday the Leeds and Liverpool shortboat Kennet, a retired workboat on the canal, will be open to the public.’