Definition of work in progress in US English:

work in progress


  • 1An unfinished project that is still being added to or developed.

    ‘the book itself is still a work in progress’
    ‘students may bring along a blank DVD to record their work in progress’
    • ‘Backers who pledged $25 or more will get a sneak peek of the game in its present form and immediate access to the current work-in-progress version of the game.’
    • ‘Her father was there to premiere a work-in-progress cut of a film he had spent years wrestling with.’
    • ‘His jump shot is very much a work in progress.’
    • ‘They could stick it in one of his work-in-progress films, without a need to hire a stunt double.’
    • ‘Security will always be a work in progress.’
    • ‘I've learned that one of the most important tricks to becoming a published writer is to minimise work-in-progress so that I can increase my focus and my chances in getting stuff done.’
    • ‘Being mindful is the best way, of course, but you could also make an effort to know that person and find they are as flawed as you and ensure you don't compare your work in progress to someone else's finished product.’
    • ‘Entrants have until March 3 to submit 15-30 pages of a work-in-progress project.’
    • ‘Her most recent work in progress is a selection in a New Millennium series to be published by Black Sparrow Press.’
    • ‘The screenplay is much too similar to a recent film, which suggests to me that it may be an old work in progress, pulled out of a bottom drawer.’
    1. 1.1 (in accounting) the total value of the materials and labor for unfinished projects.
      ‘the board had estimated the value of its work in progress’
      • ‘They all sat down with their insurance agents to assign liability for past projects and work in progress, should a claim arise.’
      • ‘A large amount of the loss comes through the company's decision to write down its inventory of works in progress and finished goods.’
      • ‘Stock and work in progress are valued at the lower of cost and net realisable value and any value deducted from cost of sales.’
      • ‘The loan was effectively financing the work in progress appearing in the company's accounts and subsequent payments of interest.’
      • ‘The value of work in progress for a firm was quite different to the value of the claims that it would make during any particular year.’
      • ‘He was unique in including the last account, for at that time, work in progress often was not listed on the balance sheet.’
      • ‘It should be able to ascertain, at any time, the nature and value of work in progress, value of finished goods, raw materials and supplies.’
      • ‘The manufacturing account and the work in progress accounts showed a similar structure, both disclosing the cost at the factory level of the manufactured products.’
      • ‘Productive expenditure embraces expenditure for items that are not capitalized either as fixed assets or as inventory/work-in-progress.’
      • ‘The goal is to have the maximum amount of work in progress, with batches of inventory for other departments.’