Definition of work camp in US English:

work camp


  • 1A camp at which community work is done, especially by young volunteers.

    • ‘Some of the works that volunteers in work camps do are construction, painting and tree planting among others.’
    • ‘The two-week work camp also involved learning practical living skills and habits like bodily hygiene and social rules, Tolchard said.’
    • ‘From our base in a permanent U.S. Forest Service work camp, we'll repair and maintain multi-use trails and do other projects as needed.’
    • ‘Ultimately, they must be inviting communities, not just rough work camps.’
    • ‘My stay there consisted of hanging out with the locals, volunteering in a turtle work camp, napping on a hammock and having a load of super curious, friendly and sweaty kids hanging on my limbs.’
    • ‘She told them to pretend to be orphans, to join a work camp and hide their past.’
    • ‘This is done through local and international youth study and work camp.’
    • ‘The volunteers are working on a 1.8 kilometre part of the route at a work camp near Cricklade, which is organised by sustainable transport charity Sustrans.’
    • ‘They will set up their easels and work camps on the City's streets.’
    • ‘Someone who doesn't mind getting their hands dirty is needed to organise work camps for the Waterway Recovery Group, which undertakes restoration work and keeps the canals free from choking weeds.’
    1. 1.1
      another term for labor camp
      • ‘Innocent as they were, they wondered: would they take them to a work camp?’
      • ‘The camp in Ommen was then functioning as a work camp for ‘economic felons.’’
      • ‘Based on that sign, I'd say this was a prison work camp.’
      • ‘They were dropped off at a work camp in the middle of nowhere, and his parents were forced to work as slave labourers.’
      • ‘At 15, he was caught stealing a car battery and was held for three years in a juvenile work camp.’
      • ‘They were rounded up in a courtyard of the estate and told they were being sent to a work camp.’
      • ‘Dissidents were sent to work camps or executed, priests were thrown in jail, and schools and churches were shut down.’
      • ‘He's serving a 6-year sentence at a federal work camp in Yankton, S.D.’
      • ‘You fail to address the internal terrorism that is carried out in the political prisons and work camps.’
      • ‘Lind pointed out that control of labour in Hawaii extended far beyond wages and working conditions to include the gamut of living conditions in the plantation work camps.’
      • ‘Those attacks extended beyond the government to include intellectuals, teachers, and scientists, many of whom were sent to work camps in the countryside for ‘reeducation.’’
      • ‘They want to send us to work camps, like they sent Father and Jonas.’
      • ‘If you're a male white-collar criminal, you can go to these work camps that are really not very prison-like.’
      • ‘Kita followed the rest of the men into the work camps that made up the rock quarries.’
      • ‘They built detention centres, little better than work camps, for the long-term imprisonment of asylum seekers in the most remote parts of Australia.’
      • ‘Lewis was sentenced on December 1 to three years in a federal prison work camp on six counts of money-laundering charges.’
      • ‘She was 14 when she was taken away in a truck and put in a work camp with 13 other girls.’
      • ‘Butler will likely be housed at Taft's 500-bed minimum security work camp.’
      • ‘The pardon process was essentially a negotiation between the disenfranchised groups populating the convict work camps and the white male middle class.’
      • ‘Those caught and forcibly repatriated are subject to brutal treatment, including torture, placement in work camps and even execution.’


work camp

/ˈwərk ˌkamp/