Definition of word problem in US English:

word problem


  • A mathematics exercise presented in the form of a hypothetical situation that requires an equation to be solved; for example, “if George earns a salary of $18,500 and 28% of it is deducted in taxes, how much take-home pay remains?”.

    • ‘This is a word problem whose solution includes solving a system of two linear equations.’
    • ‘That same day, I raised my hand when my trigonometry teacher asked the class for a volunteer to go up to the board and explain a word problem that most of the class had difficulty understanding.’
    • ‘One word problem required calculating the fee for three students taking the same units at the same university.’
    • ‘Some groups of students respond differently to a word problem's context.’
    • ‘Four alternative measures were examined in this study: a basic facts task and three forms of an estimation task that included both computation and word problem solving.’