Definition of word for word in US English:

word for word


  • In exactly the same or, when translated, exactly equivalent words.

    • ‘Students, at their examinations, had to reproduce their teachers' lessons word for word.’
    • ‘This is a text message I received the other day from him - word for word.’
    • ‘It is the same thing you put in your complaint, word for word almost.’
    • ‘Every child in the land knew it word for word by the following Monday.’
    • ‘Sign language is visual, and isn't always translated word for word into English.’
    • ‘The following is a transcript, nearly word for word, of a tape recording I made earlier tonight.’
    • ‘I wish I could translate the song for you guys word for word, but it would take too much time.’
    • ‘Anyway here is the URL for the article: and this is where he stole it from, word for word.’
    • ‘Its editor apologised profusely and told us it is not their policy to lift stories word for word and it wouldn't happen again.’
    • ‘We watch episodes over and over again… We know them word for word.’
    verbatim, line for line, letter for letter, to the letter
    verbatim, literal, exact, direct, precise, accurate, faithful, strict, undeviating
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word for word

/ˌwərd fôr ˈwərd//ˌwərd fɔr ˈwərd/