Definition of word blindness in US English:

word blindness


  • less technical term for alexia, or (less accurately) for dyslexia
    • ‘Although unaffected in everyday life, he is the victim of a selective word blindness.’
    • ‘The 32-year-old rugby star from Stirling suffered years of misery at school because of dyslexia, or word blindness, which some experts believe affects up to one in six people.’
    • ‘When they mentioned the word blindness I didn't know what to feel or do.’
    • ‘Dyslexia, word blindness, lacks of concentration and memory - all these improved dramatically.’
    • ‘Back in Bradford she tutored groups of children after work in a bid to find a ‘cure’ for the word blindness.’


word blindness

/ˈwərd ˌblīndnis//ˈwərd ˌblaɪndnɪs/