Definition of word association in English:

word association


  • The spontaneous and unreflective production of other words in response to a given word, as a game, a prompt to creative thought or memory, or a technique in psychiatric evaluation.

    • ‘It combines elements of logical flow with questions of semantics, word association, and indeed outright mistake.’
    • ‘This is done through word games and word association.’
    • ‘If politicians were asked to play word association, ‘health spending’ would be strongly linked with ‘bottomless pit’.’
    • ‘I thought I'd get to lie on a fainting couch and do ink blot tests and word association games.’
    • ‘I don't want to overestimate the significance of my own memory, but I suspect that this word association has larger implications for the way Americans generally view loyalty.’
    • ‘Jade and Jeremy played a game of word association.’
    • ‘Admittedly this may merely be the result of my own internal game of word association and therefore is perhaps a matter best dealt with internally.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, cultural learning influences behavioral patterns that may affect word meaning frequencies and bias word association responses.’
    • ‘Often, when people hear a gun company's name, an automatic game of word association begins.’
    • ‘I remember we played some word association game for an hour and a half and then realised, when it had all got very silly, that we hadn't decided how it would end.’
    • ‘Most of these studies have utilized a word association paradigm that produces ‘false memories’ by creating a high percentage of false alarms.’
    • ‘Participants were told that they would be taking part in a study of word association, and at no point were they told of the parapsychological nature of the study.’
    • ‘Stanford used word association as a directed free-response task.’
    • ‘I guess maybe somebody thought it would be fun for people to hunt through gobs of symbols, word association games, and answer various questions just so you can see the trailers.’
    • ‘You don't like to play sports and you get confused easily since you like to do word association in your head when someone is talking.’
    • ‘It was like word association but also similar to a questionnaire.’
    • ‘We feel like playing word association, and since it's our column, we're going to.’
    • ‘Scientists told a recent meeting of the British Psychological Society that men on weekly hormone injections, which raised their blood testosterone to twice the normal level, became much better at verbal tasks such as word association.’
    • ‘Jung claims to have discovered the concept during his word association and galvanic skin response experiments.’
    • ‘Unofficially, we coin names to describe the heat of a dish through word association; fire, degrees of heat, alarms, and so on.’


word association

/wərd əˌsōsēˈāSHən/