Definition of Woomera in English:


proper noun

  • A town in central South Australia, the site of a vast military testing ground used in the 1950s for nuclear tests and since the 1960s for tracking space satellites.

Definition of woomera in English:



  • An Aboriginal stick used to throw a dart or spear more forcibly.

    • ‘His sketches often portrayed the ‘natives’ fishing and throwing spears with woomeras.’
    • ‘Long, long time ago, two little nephews asked their old uncle to take them out and camp on the river so that he could teach them how to make their spears and woomeras and their boomerangs.’
    • ‘As a result we have a lot of experience with framing these types of artwork, from woomeras and boomerangs through to clubs and spears, and even aboriginal carvings.’
    • ‘We sell a variety of stock including T'shirts, boomerangs, spears, woomeras, didgeridoos, pottery, flower pots, cups, plates, vases, tea tree oil and stocking flowers.’
    • ‘The men on the left are holding shields, spears and woomeras while the man on the right has a huge wooden sword as well as a shield.’


Early 19th century: from Dharuk wamara.