Definition of Woolsack in US English:



  • 1(in the UK) the Lord Chancellor's wool-stuffed seat in the House of Lords. It is said to have been adopted in Edward III's reign as a reminder to the Lords of the importance to England of the wool trade.

    • ‘The Lord Chancellor was not on the Woolsack to hear the debate, which Lord Goodhart insisted was not directed at him personally.’
    • ‘Other evidence includes the statue in Stratford-upon-Avon in which the Bard is portrayed as sitting on the Woolsack, the prerogative of the Lord Chancellor in Parliament.’
    • ‘By Friday, the hyper-crony was seated on the Woolsack, smirking like a small boy who had been allowed to drive his father's car.’
    • ‘In 1621 the Standing Orders of the House of Lords stated: ‘That the Lord Chancellor sitteth upon the Woolsack as Speaker of the House.’’
    • ‘Her husband - an Earl - became nearly as notorious when he leapt on the Woolsack in the House of Lords and exclaimed ‘Treason!’’
    1. 1.1the woolsack The position of Lord Chancellor.
      • ‘He had no objection, he said, to the Woolsack; but a career of political distinction was growing slowly but surely to be his leading aim in life.’