Definition of woolly adelgid in US English:

woolly adelgid


  • Any of several small aphid-like insects that feed on conifers, especially hemlocks, spruces, and firs. By sucking the sap from young twigs, the insect retards or prevents tree growth and causes needles to discolor and drop prematurely.

    Superfamily Aphidoidea, family Adelgidae

    • ‘Multicolored ladybugs and their larvae feed on aphids and other plant-sucking insects, such as the woolly adelgid, which is decimating hemlock stands from Virginia to New England.’
    • ‘Hemlock woolly adelgids coat the branches of a hemlock tree like cotton.’
    • ‘Hemlock trees more than four centuries old still live on steep slopes from Alabama to Maine, although they are now facing destruction by the hemlock woolly adelgid, a pest introduced from Asia forty years ago.’
    • ‘Asana is another spray that controls the balsam woolly adelgid, a European insect that has devastated Fraser firs in forest stands, flattening their tops, swelling their joints and hardening their wood.’
    • ‘Over the past thirty years, these unique forests have been decimated by the balsam woolly adelgid, an aphid-like insect introduced from Europe.’


woolly adelgid

/ˌwo͝olē əˈdeljid/