Definition of woollike in English:



  • See wool

    • ‘The white woollike products were formed in high yield on the walls of the crucible.’
    • ‘Nymphs are wingless, slightly elongate, slightly flattened, and partially to completely covered with filaments of white, woollike wax.’
    • ‘After the oxide evaporated for two hours, what the researchers called ‘white woollike products’ appeared on a plate in a cooler part of the furnace.’
    • ‘The aphids, approximately 1 mm long, are covered in tufts of a white cottony woollike substance and can be found on the lower surface of needles and shoots year-round.’
    • ‘The interior is covered in what Bentley terms ‘hides’ (lesser cars have ‘leather’), hand-polished burled walnut and thick woollike carpeting.’