Definition of woolen in US English:


(British woollen)


  • 1Made wholly or partly of wool.

    ‘thick woolen blankets’
    • ‘But it has progressed to huddling in a big wool blanket at night, with big woollen socks on my feet, holding out on using the heater.’
    • ‘He was dressed in clean blue woollen trousers and a spotless white linen shirt.’
    • ‘He sat on the top step of the porch and quickly pulled on his thick, woolen socks.’
    • ‘The Princess arrived at 2.15 pm, wearing a green checked woollen coat over a red roll-neck and silk scarf with black boots, gloves and handbag.’
    • ‘He also had on a green jumper, a pair of dark blue woollen gloves, jeans and trainers.’
    • ‘Hey, has anyone seen that heavy woollen sock of mine?’
    • ‘I was wearing a shirt of Jeremy's, which came down to my knees, and a thick pair of woolen socks.’
    • ‘Among these were packets of cigarettes, thick woollen socks and gloves, and chocolate.’
    • ‘He wore a black jumper, black woollen hat and was unshaven.’
    • ‘Both men and women wore fur or woolen hats and cloaks.’
    • ‘She quickly stripped out of her gown, grabbing a heavy black woolen cloak and pulling it around her shoulders.’
    • ‘He also wore leather shoes, a leather belt and a dark green woollen jacket over his shirt.’
    • ‘The girl was on one side of the room, wrapped in thick woolen blankets.’
    • ‘Careful not to make a sound to disturb his two fellow inmates, he pulled the rough woollen blanket up towards him (it chafed his moisturised chin) and tried to sleep.’
    • ‘The heat presses on me like a woolen blanket in the night.’
    • ‘I bought two woolen suits of terrific style and workmanship for $75 each in Rome last winter; regular price was twice that.’
    • ‘Paul disappeared upstairs, and came back down with a dry sweater and a thick woollen blanket.’
    • ‘His face was masked by a grey scarf and dark woollen hat and he was wearing dark trousers, a dark knee-length coat and black trainers with white stripes.’
    • ‘Don't forget your gloves, scarf, woolen hat, ear muffs and boots.’
    • ‘Nobody will give a damn whether you're wearing your best designer wear or not, so don't be afraid to wear that hideous green woollen sweater your aunt knitted you one Christmas.’
    chunky, bulky, heavy, cable-knit, heavyweight
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    1. 1.1 Relating to the production of wool.
      ‘the woolen industry’
      ‘a woolen mill’
      • ‘These organic sources were supplemented by wind and water, which powered mills to grind corn or crush seeds, to power fulling mills in the woollen industry and bellows in iron furnaces.’
      • ‘Most players were employed in heavy industry in the adjoining suburbs, in engineering firms, woollen mills and the railway workshop.’
      • ‘But new inventions in the 18th century speeded up textile production and led to the growth of factories, and many of the old corn mills were converted to woollen production.’
      • ‘Copperas was closely linked with the woollen industry because it was mainly used as a textile dye fixative, a dye darkening agent and a black dye.’
      • ‘On land, they plundered logwood, a tree used to produce a dye used in the woolen industry.’


usually woolens
  • An article of clothing made of wool.

    • ‘The men wore knee length wrap-around skirts or kilt-like woollens as well as tunics, cloaks and even one-piece garments.’
    • ‘However, winter woollens, knitted or woven, often develop little balls of fluff.’
    • ‘The light clothes which will do for summer need to be changed for serious woollens, hoods and gloves for the freezing winds of winter.’
    • ‘It's cold enough for light woollens but not yet time to get into heavier clothing.’
    knitted garment, woollen
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Late Old English wullen (see wool, -en).