Definition of wool clip in US English:

wool clip


  • The total quantity of wool shorn from a particular flock or in a particular area in the course of a year.

    • ‘Only in the 1880s did horse teams displace bullock teams in transporting the Riverina wool clip.’
    • ‘The wool clip increased, but its value plummeted and pastures came under enormous pressure as farmers tried to maintain their income by increasing sheep numbers to unprecedented heights.’
    • ‘He says the wool clip in pastoral areas is much better this year than last year when the drought was in full swing and quality has markedly improved.’
    • ‘They could not only buy an abbey's entire wool clip for the current year; they could also buy it for years in advance.’
    • ‘In a partnership between Kendal carpet-makers Goodacres and the National Trust, 140 fell farmers have been selling their Herdwick wool clip for carpet production.’