Definition of woodcut in US English:



  • 1A print of a type made from a design cut in a block of wood, formerly widely used for illustrations in books.

    Compare with wood engraving
    • ‘His graphic works consist of woodcuts, lithographs and etchings.’
    • ‘The techniques he used are woodblocks, woodcuts and lithographs.’
    • ‘The book was never published, but Gauguin made a set of ten color woodcuts meant as illustrations.’
    • ‘Apart from paintings he produced etchings, lithographs, and woodcuts as book illustrations.’
    • ‘Preston produced oil paintings, linocut prints, and woodcuts that were often still-lifes of Australian flora and fauna.’
    • ‘Konrad Volkert continued to create woodcuts, etchings and linocuts.’
    • ‘Wood engraving allows to make finer lines than woodcuts and more impressions from the same block.’
    • ‘He created woodcuts, etchings and a total of 24 lithographs.’
    • ‘He prepared woodcuts to illustrate his book Noa Noa, a romanticized récit of his stay in Tahiti, again deploying crude, primitivizing techniques.’
    • ‘For woodcuts the design is drawn on a wooden board.’
    • ‘He was skilled in the art of a number of different printing techniques such as woodcuts, lithographs and mezzotints.’
    • ‘Despite ill health and struggles with drugs, he produced many important paintings and major portrait woodcuts.’
    • ‘When only woodcuts, etchings and engravings could be printed, the images would get worse and worse over time as the blocks or plates wore down.’
    • ‘There were paintings on paper mounted on canvas, photos of paintings, paintings on photographs, woodcuts and photos of drawings.’
    • ‘Fond of using wood as a medium, Frank began to gain recognition for his woodcuts and wood engravings.’
    • ‘He created lithographs, etchings, drypoints, lino cuts, woodcuts and aquatints.’
    • ‘Printed woodcuts and engravings spread the news of the monster throughout Europe, and as they spread, the monster acquired a new, posthumous, existence.’
    • ‘One would be hard pressed to find a group of Renaissance prints less like Mantegna's than the six chiaroscuro woodcuts of Apostles by Domenico Beccafumi.’
    • ‘Hao Ping's prints are made as woodcuts in thick, bright oil colors.’
    • ‘An easy way to see why I like his so much is is read one of his books or look at some of his prints, woodcuts and paintings.’
    picture, design, engraving, etching, lithograph, silk screen, linocut, monoprint, plate, cut, vignette
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    1. 1.1 The technique of making woodcuts.
      • ‘Linoleum block employs the same basic woodcut techniques, but uses linoleum instead of wood.’
      • ‘The art of woodcut, in fact, dates back to the early Egyptian and Chinese civilisations.’
      • ‘Children would especially be interested in Durer's humorous woodcut of an imaginary rhinoceros that displays an intricate decorative surface that covers the entire creature.’
      • ‘Modern artists like Kirchner explored the rough, expressive aesthetic of woodcut.’
      • ‘Fabrics printed from wood are found in Middle Eastern work of the 5th century ad, and woodcut technique was advanced in China from the 9th century and probably earlier.’
      • ‘Cranach's woodcut known as Passional Christi und Antichristi is an illustration for Philipp Melanchthon's 1521 prayer book.’
      • ‘These layers can be visible and display painted-in ink areas, or be invisible and applied to other painting tools to simulate other natural media effects, including scratchboard, enamel, and woodcut.’
      • ‘Jackson's woodcut of the Pieta theme hangs in my loft as a reminder of a classical motif, the Pieta of the Virgin Mary and Jesus.’
      • ‘A signed Picasso woodcut now sells for about $150,000.’
      • ‘Arp, as both her mentor and lover, encouraged her work in woodcut and engraving and introduced her to the ideas of Vasily Kandinsky and Franz Marc.’
      • ‘De Mesquita taught the eager Escher all he knew of woodcut printing techniques, gave him space to experiment, and encouraged him to experiment widely in order to develop his skills.’
      • ‘An inventive graphic artist, he has worked in various printmaking techniques, including etching, screenprinting, and woodcut.’
      • ‘Hao Ping's prints are made in woodcut technique with thick, bright oil colors.’
      • ‘There was also a beautiful little woodcut that Moore made at Grenfell Press, in New York, where he occasionally printed.’
      • ‘Finally, the print is completed from the back with a relief process of woodcut or linocut to intensify shapes and/or colors.’
      • ‘It was maybe this personal experience and the knowledge about the high skills that woodcut or woodblock carving required that kept Hakutei from becoming a fanatic about the question of self-carving.’
      • ‘The artist works in the traditional woodcut technique.’
      • ‘And he used different techniques - traditional Japanese woodcut and European wood engraving.’
      • ‘Regular visits to China added new stock, not only of paintings, but also of artist's woodblock prints, folk art, stone rubbings and technically virtuosic colour woodcut reproductions of major masterpieces.’
      • ‘They are signed, dated and numbered by the artist and were made in woodcut technique with multiple color blocks and personally printed by the artist on offset paper.’