Definition of woodcock in US English:



  • A woodland bird of the sandpiper family, with a long bill, brown camouflaged plumage, and a distinctive display flight.

    Genus Scolopax, family Scolopacidae: several species, in particular the Eurasian woodcock (S. rusticola), which is sometimes regarded as a game bird

    • ‘A businessman used to controlling his investment portfolio has no control on the spring salmon run or the flight of the woodcock.’
    • ‘Tapping around my rooted limbs and grounded chest, a circus of quail, woodcock, and mallard perform.’
    • ‘And this time of year, there is tons of game: snipe, hare, woodcock, pheasant.’
    • ‘The principal game birds of Britain are grouse, partridge, pheasant, plus woodcock, pigeon, quail, and various wild duck and marsh fowl.’
    • ‘And I was not wrong; wild boar, stag, chamois, deer, and other ‘trophy animals’ are all to be found in Bulgaria's rich and varied countryside, along with birds such as partridge, woodcock, pheasant and quail.’
    • ‘Willow tit numbers have fallen 78 percent, woodcock by 74 percent, and song thrushes have more than halved.’
    • ‘On the one hand, you have the uplands: home to the ruffed grouse and the woodcock, the ringneck pheasant, the bobwhite quail, and just possibly sharptail grouse and Hungarian partridge, too.’
    • ‘The woodlands behind the house provide the habitat for roe deer, pheasants, woodcock, and pigeons which form the basis for a small rough shoot.’
    • ‘The nightingale and woodcock have completely disappeared.’
    • ‘No, I'm bent over double thinking what my bag limit on woodcock, snipe, rails and other game birds would be.’
    • ‘The estate extends in all to some 5300 acres and offers some classic red and roe deer stalking, woodcock shooting and excellent brown trout fishing on a number of hill lochs.’
    • ‘My parents had an American woodcock calling and displaying on their back lawn.’
    • ‘Thus, he lists as noblest the meat of turtledoves, starlings, doves, quails, pheasants, blackbirds, woodcock, partridge, and chaffinch.’
    • ‘Raymond has shot a pheasant and a woodcock, tripling his one-grouse tally from the morning.’
    • ‘In addition to slaughtering grouse and woodcock he found time to play in the estate's annual cricket match against Strathmore, scoring a modest nine runs in an innings of 303 for nine declared.’
    • ‘Apart from the grouse and the woodcock which gives the hill its name, it's a very important habitat for the hen harrier, which is very rare.’
    • ‘A traditional raffle with a dozen prizes such as brace of pheasant, duck, woodcock or rabbit, was held to raise funds for new cages.’
    • ‘Wild birds that might be acceptable alternatives for William include woodcock, wood pigeon, partridge and grouse.’
    • ‘The 16 paintings in the British Birds in Watercolour exhibition at Nunnington were completed over the past year and feature game birds grouse, partridge and woodcock as well as kingfisher, robin, whitethroat and tawny owl.’
    • ‘Feeding behaviour was most interesting, the bird rocking its body rhythmically up and down like a woodcock and as if on springs.’