Definition of woodblock in US English:



  • 1A block of wood, especially one from which woodcut prints are made.

    • ‘These scenes were for the most part printed by woodblock and some were so complex that dozens of hand-carved woodblocks were needed to achieve the subtle shading that makes these wallpapers so realistic and colorful.’
    • ‘In the end he got away with a fine and a reprimand, and the woodblocks for a satirical triptych were destroyed.’
    • ‘I listen to the music of Enya while I carve woodblocks.’
    • ‘And here on the bench, on the desk next to it, is a piece of carved wood which was actually a woodblock that was carved in 1564 and this is the woodblock that was actually used to print this picture of the pea-plant.’
    • ‘Before Japan's forced opening, the only printing method for text and images known and used in the country, was the technique of woodblocks.’
    • ‘The woodblock printing technique came from China to Japan several hundred years ago.’
    • ‘Misawa leaves his surfaces rough - they look like expressionist woodblocks - and paints them fairly realistically.’
    • ‘The use of woodblocks for printing text and images was probably invented in China.’
    • ‘Worse than the systematic hunt for old prints was the destruction of the old woodblocks, from which they had been produced.’
    • ‘And in his spare time he cut his own woodblocks for his ‘creative prints’ on his old Kyoto estate.’
    • ‘By the way, Kokei did destroy the woodblocks after he had finished a print.’
    • ‘Watanabe's print shop was completely destroyed - and with it the woodblocks of all 500 prints created by Takahashi Hiroaki.’
    • ‘Out of these 350 designs, 30 come from old blocks that could be saved intact and 240 are woodblocks that were recarved after patterns of old ones.’
    • ‘Here are the pots of ink and the woodblocks, their heavy designs cut deep into the flesh of a West Indian cedar tree, felled, we are informed, in New Grant in Trinidad on March 22, 2002.’
    • ‘There had been printing from woodblocks before Gutenberg.’
    • ‘For each print, the woodblock is coated with color by the help of an ink brush.’
    • ‘For the creation of one of these prints several woodblocks have to be carved, a key-block for the outlines and one block for each color.’
    • ‘With each copy printed from a woodblock, the impression quality worsened due to the wear of the block.’
    • ‘He had learned the Japanese woodblock technique, which he uses for most of his prints.’
    • ‘An original print is a work of art which an artist creates by processing a woodblock, a lithographic stone or plate, a silk screen, or a metal, cardboard or plastic sheet surface so that more than one identical image can be printed from it.’
    • ‘These artists had a nearly religious belief that the artist must do the complete process of creating a woodblock himself.’
    1. 1.1 A hollow wooden block used as a percussion instrument.
      • ‘The other plays a multiple percussion setup consisting of a seven-piece drumset supplemented by a woodblock, pedal-operated tambourine, triangle and slapstick.’
      • ‘Activities involving clapping, playing a woodblock, or tossing a beanbag work well with more upbeat tempi since the muscle movement takes a shorter time to complete.’
      • ‘With Kristen playing the woodblocks and the three guitarists strumming away, we actually sound pretty good.’
      • ‘From time to time, the unending song, gently driven on by two solo violins, is punctuated by the even rapping of a woodblock and the pretty chiming of a celesta.’
      • ‘‘Dark Hills’ is especially inventive in its percussion, shuffling snares, ticking woodblocks, cowbells, and claps all underneath a simple, dreamy piano pattern and melody.’
      • ‘This had all the school's musical instruments on it: a xylophone, a handful of glockenspiels, some woodblocks, a few chime bars, about four very sorry-looking drums, and about 5 million triangles.’
      • ‘One or two tom-toms were added, and sets of woodblocks, cowbells, and other idiophones, all mounted along the rim of the bass drum.’
      • ‘A more animated idea follows, with frolicking clarinets and boisterous woodblocks.’
    2. 1.2 A print made with a woodblock.
      • ‘An artist normally must use several blocks when he wants to create a multi-color woodblock print.’
      • ‘The collection includes a variety of American and Western watercolors, etchings, lithographs, Japanese woodblock prints, Native American art, basketry and pottery.’
      • ‘The artist had created more than a hundred woodblock prints between 1918 and 1923 - all published by Watanabe Shozaburo.’
      • ‘This is the woodblock picture of ‘The Empty Chair’ which appeared in the Graphic in June 1870.’
      • ‘With his woodblock prints, he has built a fresh and elegant art world for us.’
      • ‘The traditional art of Japanese woodblock printing never knew the distinction between the fine arts and commercial arts and between artists and artisans.’
      • ‘It is probable that the woodblock prints and painted column image were not visible in 1660.’
      • ‘These woodblock prints were largely commissioned by the Kabuki and Noh-Theaters and by actors as a form of advertising.’
      • ‘In the United States he had experienced a very lively interest for his prints and for Japanese woodblocks in general.’
      • ‘His woodblock prints are extremely rare and out of reach for an average ukiyo-e collector.’
      • ‘Then artists began to design, carve and print woodblock prints themselves.’
      • ‘Hiroshi Yoshida created a total of 259 woodblock prints during his lifetime.’
      • ‘Of particular interest was a woodblock depicting the siege of the Byzantine capital in 1453.’
      • ‘All these old books were illustrated by the greatest woodblocks and sketch art.’
      • ‘His early woodblock prints were published by Watanabe.’
      • ‘Further investigation revealed that the black design was actually a woodblock print overlaid with green and white stencilling.’
      • ‘To readers paging through the text and casually observing the woodblock image of Elizabeth and her court, Gascoigne appears to celebrate the beauty and opulence of the cult.’
      • ‘The daily lives of the courtesans, samurai, actors and artists of old Edo are preserved in the colorful woodblock prints called ukiyo-e.’
      • ‘Though Japan has a long history of erotic art in their woodblock prints and netsuke ivory carvings, I have never seen erotic origami before.’
      • ‘All the woodblock prints we have seen so far, were printed in black against an uncolored paper background.’
      • ‘Photography had replaced the woodblock print as a way of illustrating news events.’