Definition of wood ear in US English:

wood ear


  • An edible fungus, black or brown in color, that grows on trees and is sold in dry wrinkled shapes somewhat resembling ears.

    Auricularia auricula, family Auriculariaceae

    • ‘Black beans, lily buds, leafy greens, wood ear fungus, beanthread noodles, Sichuan peppercorns the Chinese larder is there (and so are those of Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and Indonesia).’
    • ‘Larger, coarser fungus are called wood ears.’
    • ‘But braised in consommé with wood ears and a ring of foie gras dumplings, the dish gets a tender reawakening.’
    • ‘Thankfully, most of those late 1980's fusion abominations, like Asian pizza with wood ear mushrooms, brine shrimp and soy sauce, are mostly banished from contemporary menus.’
    • ‘The Chinese dry many fungi, especially the wood ear.’