Definition of wondrousness in US English:



  • See wondrous

    • ‘Dyke appears to be so consumed with his own wondrousness that he is unable to understand basic human decency.’
    • ‘For all his previous boasts about the innate wondrousness of his various projects, a surprising honesty and integrity is evident in his stark definition of his remaining objectives.’
    • ‘The wondrousness of these poems derives not just from their ‘plot’ twists but from their language.’
    • ‘He was a celebrated figure in Oxford, having, I don't know, got numerous degrees and acclaim for his writing, intelligence, and general wondrousness.’
    • ‘Instead, she wrote a bloody touchy-feely thing about the wondrousness of it all and how good it is for the human spirit!’
    • ‘Like, they can't find anyone else online to revel in the wondrousness that is them, so they start up a conversation with you, tell you their news, then head off?’