Definition of women's lib in English:

women's lib


    • ‘His exposure to the women's lib movement in university combined with his ultra conservative upbringing made enjoying XXX-rated entertainment a personal challenge.’
    • ‘The last performance of the evening is Emelia, who immediately sets the women's lib movement back fifty years by telling everyone she used to be just a normal mother who would cook and clean and ferry her kid around to school.’
    • ‘You are involved with administering the Sex Discrimination Act of 1984, which in many ways can be seen as one of the victories of the women's lib movement.’
    • ‘Despite the civil rights movement and women's lib, the disparity of education and income levels between boomers of different races and genders is still huge.’
    • ‘Stonewall and the early women's lib movement were the starting point.’
    • ‘‘Wacky chicks are the crowning achievement of women's lib,’ he says.’
    • ‘Although Mother was personally quite ‘liberated’ and always has been in that way of women raised to the ranch, she was a little ‘iffy’ on the whole women's lib movement.’
    • ‘It takes only a glance at my vintage 1974 Panther paperback - an icon of middle-class women's lib in shrieking, look-at-me yellow - to be transported back to the 70s.’
    • ‘Many of the period's most noteworthy protest movements, everything from the Black Panthers to anti-Vietnam War activism to women's lib, all found fertile ground at Berkeley.’
    • ‘‘I had a lot of sympathy for women's lib,’ she once said of the 1970 fiasco, ‘but they never came to talk to me.’’
    • ‘Ten, even five years ago, women were still banging on about women's lib and power suits were the main ingredient in the wardrobe.’
    • ‘I suppose we really should be thankful that we got over the women's lib period when we tried to do without.’
    • ‘In this democracy, liberal ethos, freedom of the media, women's lib, free movement of global capital are being brandished as sops for the ‘enslaved’ third world.’
    • ‘It embraced rock culture, drug culture (capitalism doesn't have to be legal), women's lib, multi-culturalism and the sexual revolution.’
    • ‘So what's shocking is really this is the first time we have ever seen women in that position, doing, you know, it's like the ultimate negativity of women's lib, that is we can do whatever guys can do, except how horrible it is.’
    • ‘Oh no, I can equally set the women's lib back to the last century or two, just by presenting, as requested by Mr July or Armaedes’
    • ‘Then, the summer before middle school, I packed up for an all-girls wilderness camp in Vermont - very outdoorsy, very women's lib, very peace and granola, and very, very hairy.’
    • ‘For all the effort Roddick has devoted to pioneering a path for women's lib, she appears far too willing to accept that it has been in vain or that it is being misused.’
    • ‘Whatever I have become, those years between 14 and 19 made me; I was a sponge for ideas and beliefs and hope, I'm marked indelibly as a child of the 1960s, tattooed by peaceful protest and women's lib and civil rights and ban the bomb.’
    • ‘The use of marijuana and other recreational drugs among young people was thought to be a cause of social unrest, environmental protests, women's lib, civil rights marches, and protests against the Vietnam war.’


women's lib

/ˈˌwɪmɪnz ˈlɪb/