Definition of womanist in US English:



  • See womanism

    • ‘The work offers a holistic way forward in feminist theology and it is expected that the challenge of the womanists will be eagerly taken up by the mainstream church as a sign of grace.’
    • ‘Black feminists and womanists in the academy dream of community and cooperation but often live in isolation, she said.’
    • ‘Perhaps womanist is a word that does not obscure or contradict feminism, but that represents a new kind of feminism that is fresh, informed and accessible.’
    • ‘Some women in India now call themselves womanists.’
    • ‘Black feminists and womanists have consistently provided the most compelling egalitarian vision for the black freedom struggle.’
    • ‘Nor need feminists and womanists worry unduly in this case about the tendency of atonement models to foster one-sided and narrow prescriptions for human action by elevating certain features of the cross to salvific status.’