Definition of wolfsbane in US English:



  • A northern European aconite.

    Genus Aconitum, family Ranunculaceae: several species, in particular the purple-flowered A. lycoctonum

    • ‘Ziada distributed the wolfsbane amongst the five, and Elora provided spare pouches for it to be contained in.’
    • ‘‘As I was saying,’ Ziada continued, ‘I can't think of any other obscure purposes of wolfsbane, except for mouthwash and pimple-poultice.’’
    • ‘What are the special properties of wolfsbane?’
    • ‘What is the difference, Potter, between monkswood and wolfsbane?’
    • ‘With Ginger dead, Bridgette's on her own, stumbling around injecting herself with wolfsbane to try to stop herself from turning into a werewolf.’
    • ‘Even if they could get out of this hole, wolfsbane wasn't the easiest thing to find in this area, and the hour he had to reverse the lycanthropy was ticking away.’
    • ‘Monkshood is another name for aconite, aka wolfsbane.’
    • ‘Opening it, he said in surprise, ‘Why, that's wolfsbane!’’