Definition of wolfberry in US English:



  • 1Any of various shrubs of the genus Lycium, in particular the goji berry.

    • ‘These individuals should take ejiang, jujube, small red bean, the fruit of the wolfberry (gouqi) and angelica (danggui).’
    • ‘Shrubby patches of wild plum, wolfberry, and narrow-leaved meadowsweet provide nesting and perching sites for open-country birds such as horned larks, loggerhead shrikes, and upland sandpipers.’
    • ‘The wolfberry bush grows in the northwest part of China and the fruit has been credited with properties of improving visual acuity and general health.’
    1. 1.1 The fruit of the wolfberry.
      • ‘Also known as wolfberry, the goji berry grows in Tibet, China, and Mongolia and is revered in Traditional Chinese Medicine as an anti-aging herb.’
      • ‘Raw materials include 15 grams of longan, a kind of dried Chinese fruit, 10 grams of fruits of Chinese wolfberries and 100 grams of black rice.’
      • ‘We used modern biological extraction technology to obtain extracts of reishi, ginseng, wolfberry, peony, and licorice.’
      • ‘Gouqi Cha, tea made of wolfberry fruit and boiling water, is an ideal drink for those who want to protect or improve their vision.’
      • ‘China Wolfberry Holding Company, the world's biggest manufacturer of wolfberry wine, plans to float its shares in Hong Kong in the next 18 months.’
      • ‘Top each grapefruit slice with eight wolfberries.’
      • ‘The Ningxia-based company, which sells wolfberry fruit wine under the Ning Xia Hong brand name, counts the likes of Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Lianhua and Home World among its customers.’
      • ‘Its content consists of 50 % of green tea extract, 30 % of spine date and 20 % of Chinese wolfberry.’