Definition of without exception in US English:

without exception


  • With no one or nothing excluded.

    • ‘Everyone, without exception, wanted a new era of friendship and peace.’
    • ‘If one whole side on any issue chooses almost without exception to remain silent then the discussion simply doesn't take place.’
    • ‘Every newspaper, as far as I can see without exception, devoted pages and pages of print and photographs to reporting the march.’
    • ‘Everyone without exception, regardless of creed, colour, race or class!’
    • ‘All of what he says about Derrida's thought is, without exception, false.’
    • ‘There were numerous cases of people claiming to have the stuff for sale to the highest bidder, but they all without exception turned out to be fraudulent.’
    • ‘They are the same people with whom every single Friday, without exception, I have this conversation.’
    • ‘This is the same with every doctor I've visited in my life, without exception; they never run on schedule.’
    • ‘It has left everybody here, without exception, just devastated.’
    • ‘The law will be applied without exception, notably in public places.’
    • ‘Sources consulted are, without exception, English and French.’
    • ‘Almost without exception, children become more intelligent, almost day by day, and if you watch them, you can see this happen.’
    • ‘Everyone is exceptionally polite, and everyone seems to speak English, without exception very good English.’
    • ‘The Bulgarian police who had stopped them had without exception sent them on their way with smiles and good wishes, they said.’
    • ‘Almost without exception they go straight into the file marked ‘Deleted Items’’
    • ‘Prices are fair without exception and are comparable to those found at Oxford's faintly generic French chain restaurants.’
    • ‘And then it struck me: every single one of them, without exception, was from my home state.’
    • ‘Despite these disruptions, his teachers, without exception, remember him as high-achieving and friendly.’
    • ‘And last week the flag belonged to all New York, without exception, irrespective of colour, class or birthplace.’
    • ‘Everyone, without exception, had had a pleasant Xmas and a fine New Year and all and sundry were in moods so dandy it was like Springtime come early.’
    randomly, at random, unsystematically, aimlessly, unmethodically, without method, haphazardly, blindly, uncritically, undiscriminatingly, non-selectively, injudiciously
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