Definition of with forked tongue in US English:

with forked tongue


  • Untruthfully; deceitfully.

    • ‘Ever since then I have always felt this man spoke with forked tongue.’
    • ‘No doubt there will be members who will speak with forked tongue, and who will deliberately try to misconstrue that.’
    • ‘But the PlayStation game speaks with forked tongue.’
    • ‘Which just goes to show that even self-proclaimed seekers of the truth sometimes speak with forked tongue - whatever their accent.’
    • ‘So, it appears that this god-fearing, compassionate, angelic, caring, woman has spoken with forked tongue?’
    • ‘But is it not speaking with forked tongue to call this piece of legislation racist?’
    • ‘It would seem that ex-CIA man speaks with forked tongue.’
    • ‘Unable to speak with forked tongue, they might be obliged to speak the truth or at least stand firm on the side of a single opinion.’