Definition of with all one's heart (or one's whole heart) in US English:

with all one's heart (or one's whole heart)


  • Sincerely; completely.

    • ‘Human beings were intended to love God with their whole heart, body, will and mind.’
    • ‘She lost the one she truly loves with all her heart.’
    • ‘They're faithful to a club and to a spirit, and if you can show them beauty and innovation, by playing with all your heart, they'll be healed.’
    • ‘If you are able to identify that, educate and prepare yourself, and apply your talents to that with your whole heart, then I believe that is success.’
    • ‘They had been getting to know each other and she had truly loved him with all her heart.’
    • ‘Their grief would be genuine, and felt with all their heart.’
    • ‘I've had so many doubts about my abilities, have them every day in fact, but all you can do is keep doing your best and keep loving them with your whole heart, I guess.’
    • ‘A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.’
    • ‘I would get up with a smile on my face and do everything sincerely, with all my heart.’
    • ‘But he cuts with all his heart and all his passion and gives these landscapes a new life and special meaning.’
    sincerely, with all one's heart, earnestly, fervently, passionately, truly, truthfully, genuinely, devoutly, heartily, heart and soul, with all sincerity
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