Definition of with a view to in US English:

with a view to


  • With the hope, aim, or intention of.

    • ‘I have written this article with a view to hopefully helping other people cope with Mud Fever when it strikes.’
    • ‘It is hoped to meet the County Manager with a view to furthering the project in the near future.’
    • ‘The respondents purchased a cinema with a view to demolishing it and replacing it with a supermarket.’
    • ‘And talks are again taking place with a view to extending the contract further.’
    • ‘She is here on an extended stay with a view to maybe moving in with him.’
    • ‘In the workshop the children will be creating a piece of art work, with a view to making a piece of music from it.’
    • ‘The more progressive way would be to continue discussions with a view to finding a solution.’
    • ‘It is hoped to hold an open meeting for parishioners in the near future with a view to setting up a branch in the town.’