Definition of with (or in) reference to in US English:

with (or in) reference to


  • In relation to; as regards.

    ‘war can only be explained with reference to complex social factors’
    • ‘They will present their work and experience with reference to the design of tall buildings.’
    • ‘We may make more explicit a point resulting from what we last said with reference to that question.’
    • ‘My connection to farming can't be explained with reference to everyday Swiss life.’
    • ‘I write with reference to letters in the Guardian recently regarding road cleaning or, more precisely, the lack of it.’
    • ‘What I wrote earlier this year in reference to North Korea holds with equal force in dealing with Cuba.’
    • ‘I waited for more information with reference to national and community programs but to no avail.’
    • ‘If this is not possible, flooring for a room should be chosen with reference to what already exists or to what is planned in other areas.’
    • ‘Some people try to explain this with reference to some natural phenomenon, such as a solar eclipse.’
    • ‘He used that phrase with reference to only two other mountains on this mountainous coast.’
    • ‘You never hear any criticism with reference to those times gone by because the system worked.’
    apropos, with regard to, regarding, as regards, with respect to, on the subject of, in the matter of, re
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