Definition of witchgrass in US English:


(also witch grass)


  • A tough creeping grass that can become an invasive weed.

    couch grass

    a North American grass (Panicum capillare, family Gramineae)

    • ‘Witch grass is an annual grass native to North America that infests field crops, small grains, grasslands, and a variety of other habitats.’
    • ‘When a visitor stands in the center of the trail and scans eastward across the tops of a myriad of purple meadow rue, old witch grass, big blue stem, and wild raspberries and plum, ‘natural history’ becomes visually literal.’
    • ‘I've done two years of lasagne composting, followed by two layers of weed cloth, and then about six inches of wood chips - the witch grass keeps coming through with a vengeance.’