Definition of wishy-washy in English:



  • 1(of drink or liquid food such as soup) weak; watery.

    • ‘Before moving on, I drink a cup of tepid wishy-washy Amsterdam espresso tasting and smelling of unclean canal water, with ‘Sally’, my obnoxious Salisbury suitcase, parked at my feet.’
    watery, weak, watered down, thin
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    1. 1.1 Feeble or insipid in quality or character; lacking strength or boldness.
      ‘wishy-washy liberalism’
      • ‘Although each character's storyline is wrapped up, the climax is wishy-washy.’
      • ‘The average wishy-washy middle-class liberal like myself finds herself thrashing desperately between her worthy political world view of them as victims and sheer annoyance at their failure to seize their chances.’
      • ‘This is not the wishy-washy spiritualism that insists that it does not matter what you believe so long as you believe in something.’
      • ‘It's almost like my character is so wishy-washy that nobody believes in what I do.’
      • ‘So my resultant thinking is the usual liberal wishy-washy leftiness which tries to be fair to both sides.’
      feeble, ineffectual, weak, vapid, milk-and-water, effete, spineless, limp, limp-wristed, namby-pamby, half-hearted, spiritless, irresolute, indecisive
      pale, insipid
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Early 18th century: reduplication of washy.