Definition of wiriness in US English:



  • See wiry

    • ‘The texture of abandoned fields and fencerows is imparted mainly by the cluttered verticality of grassblades, and the scrawny wiriness of tough-stemmed, small-leafed weeds.’
    • ‘And he did have a certain taut yet supple wiriness to him, making him look athletic and pretty ‘capable’.’
    • ‘But there was a residual wiriness, as he sat, a strength remaining from a lifetime of vigorous activity in nature.’
    • ‘She was a rather tall, very pale woman of about sixty, who somehow gave the impression of being small, and whose spareness of build was without the wiriness supposed to accompany it.’
    • ‘The Englishman, also 22 years of age, seemed broader, taller, his muscles more pronounced and his expression meaner, next to Simpson's pallid wiriness.’