Definition of wireless in US English:



  • Using radio, microwaves, etc. (as opposed to wires or cables) to transmit signals.

    ‘wireless broadband’
    • ‘Most technology gets cheaper over the decades; air travel, computer power, computers, wireless communication.’
    • ‘An eavesdropper can use the program to identify nearby devices that use the Bluetooth wireless protocol.’
    • ‘Wi-Fi relies on radio waves and wireless access points or gateways.’
    • ‘Wireless networks are open and available to all who have wireless devices, whereas wired networks require a physical connection to gain access.’
    • ‘A scaleable, broadband wireless system for providing radio access to a metropolitan area.’
    • ‘A number of US Senators were said to be preparing bills to expand the radio spectrum for wireless Internet.’
    • ‘As instant messaging migrates to cell phones and other wireless devices, interoperability will be even more crucial.’
    • ‘Using wireless broadcast technology, each mast has a range of up to 25 miles and can deliver speeds of up to 1.5Mbps.’
    • ‘The Wireless Broadcast Unit is a specialist provider of wireless broadcast products for the media and entertainment arena.’
    • ‘The cradle can be moved around your desk to locate it in the spot with the best wireless signal, because it's like a paperweight on the end of a wire.’
    • ‘These units may be placed in either homes or businesses to receive and transmit a wireless broadband signal.’
    • ‘To fully equip every street in Britain with conventional wireless networking, would require a prodigious effort.’
    • ‘There needs to be a new network in place to allow the broadband transmission over the wireless network.’
    • ‘India, with its population of more than 1 billion, has averaged 1 million new connections in both fixed line and wireless phones every month since March.’
    • ‘Marconi's first transatlantic wireless signal was recreated yesterday to mark the 100th anniversary of the historic transmission.’
    • ‘The receiver demodulates the wireless signal and ships it on to the customer's terminal equipment.’
    • ‘To be viable, cellphones and future wireless Internet access devices will need to be mass-produced.’
    • ‘They use wireless radios to call elevators or open automatic doors.’
    • ‘It'll beam wireless Internet signals over a 5-mile square mile area of Seattle.’
    • ‘Technology now exists for wireless connections, via radio signals.’
    • ‘The T - 1 speed wireless signal that runs through my house allows me to stay plugged-in at all times.’
    • ‘There are other weaknesses in the wireless system.’
    • ‘The wireless solution was cheaper than wiring the entire campus, and it's so much more convenient.’
    • ‘BT has unveiled a wireless ADSL broadband modem that allows up to ten people to share a single broadband connection.’
    • ‘The site focuses on the benefits of reallocating low-frequency wireless capacity from broadcasting to unlicensed applications, both here and around the world.’


  • 1Broadcasting, computer networking, or other communication using radio signals, microwaves, etc.

    • ‘Some older buildings are very difficult to pull cable through, and wireless may be able to get everyone connected.’
    • ‘Users will have access through a combination of terrestrial wireless and satellite transmissions.’
    • ‘It is looking at other ways - such as wireless or satellite - to bring broadband to these areas.’
    • ‘In a world where there is competition between cable and wireless and telephone for video and voice and data, what is the role of the FCC?’
    • ‘Because wireless still is a young industry, there is plenty of uncertainty over which companies eventually will dominate the space…’
    • ‘With planning, a solution can be offered that will combine cable, wireless and satellite services.’
    • ‘Phone wireless is opening up a lot of social exchanges that we didn't expect before.’
    • ‘He said nothing new in his suggestion that broadband infrastructures - be it DSL, satellite, cable or wireless - could be run by just a handful of companies.’
    • ‘The second step is to help create the right policy and regulatory environment for broadband, and satellite, and wireless.’
    • ‘The Yankee Group projects steeper year-over-year growth for satellite, broadband wireless and other technologies.’
  • 2British dated A radio receiving set.

    • ‘You remember that he could hardly speak when he first became king, as far as the radio was concerned, wireless as it was called in those days.’
    • ‘One hundred years ago, there was no wireless, telly or cinema and the moving image was in its infancy.’
    • ‘But most analysts predict that it will be at least a decade or so before the technology has advanced enough to make internet radio as cheap and painless to use as the battered old wireless.’