Definition of wireframe in US English:



  • 1A skeletal three-dimensional model in which only lines and vertices are represented.

    • ‘Here she provides extremely practical information about different types of diagrams, storyboards, wireframes, and site maps to plan the site architecture.’
    • ‘A wireframe model of the segmented organ image is then generated to enable interactive, three-dimensional rendering of the selected organ.’
    • ‘We're in the wireframe stage of a new way of blogging, and we're extremely excited about that.’
    • ‘Designers have the need to take page-by-page process into account when creating their wireframes, and developers should think beyond their task lists to visualize the system as a complete, smoothly operating whole.’
    • ‘Site maps, content inventories, wireframes, scenarios, conceptual models - a large part of what we do is defined by how we document ideas and information.’
    sketch, rough, preliminary drawing, outline, delineation, tracing, artist's impression
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    1. 1.1 An image or set of images which displays the functional elements of a website or page, typically used for planning a site's structure and functionality.
      • ‘Using the wire frames, which contained the dimensional controls for the design, the engineers were able to place individual structural members into a computer model.’
      • ‘Because DeepView displays only in wireframe, without depth cueing, stereo viewing will help you to carry out mouse functions precisely.’
      • ‘The most advanced systems have multiple displays, some showing three-dimensional wire-frame graphics slowly turning in space.’
      • ‘For example, pair up designers and developers to jointly deliver a functional specification or wireframes.’
      • ‘You also have your layout and visual design, greatly assisted through the use of wireframes.’