Definition of wiper in English:



  • 1A windshield wiper.

    • ‘Activated when the wiper arm is in the intermittent position, the system reacts quickly and adjusts wiper frequency depending on intensity of rain without any further command.’
    • ‘My wipers were on maximum but in the split second the wipers had passed over the windshield it was immediately coated with a sheet of water.’
    • ‘Even the wipers sweeping across a snowy windshield have the sound of aged authenticity.’
    • ‘Now and then Jack turned on the wipers to clear black grit off the windshield.’
    • ‘There is rain enough to keep my wipers going as I head north out of Fairwater, all the way to Ripon.’
    • ‘Of course, he also drives a Lexus now and probably has Automatic Wiper Blade Replacement coverage that includes people to handle wiper blade maintenance for him.’
    • ‘I got some new wiper blades, although it didn't rain today.’
    • ‘He rolled the side window down quickly, and, reaching around the windshield, pulled at the wiper, letting it go with a snap.’
    • ‘The rain was pounding down so hard that it was hard to see through the windshield, even when the wipers were going full speed.’
    • ‘But a few did manage to make it to a new destination before letting go of my windshield or wiper blade.’
    • ‘The sound of the repetitive wind shield wipers had no affect upon Stevens as he focused on the streets of downtown.’
    • ‘After a few minutes of searching, I turned on the wind shield wipers, glancing into the rear view mirror, checking on Kate.’
    • ‘We made no effort to turn on the wipers and look out.’
    • ‘Have your exhaust system, battery, heater, defroster, wiper blades, washer fluid, emergency signals, headlights, tires, and brakes checked.’
    • ‘The rain had stopped nearly an hour earlier, but a mist still hung in the air, and water splashing on my windshield forced me to use my wipers now and then.’
    • ‘You see her intermittently through the windshield, as the wipers sweep back and forth, brushing the rain aside.’
    • ‘Snow blew madly in a near-blinding wave, big wet clumps collecting on the windshield only to be swept away by the wipers.’
    • ‘Specifically, the invention of the back window wiper may be one of the greatest inventions ever.’
    • ‘The five o'clock rush was well underway and the drivers, appearing and disappearing behind flashing wiper blades, looked tired and ready to be inside warm living rooms, kitchens, and dens.’
    • ‘The wipers could not work fast enough to keep the windshield clear.’
  • 2An electrical contact that moves across a surface.