Definition of wipe something out in US English:

wipe something out

phrasal verb

  • Eliminate something completely.

    ‘their life savings were wiped out’
    • ‘The treatment stopped the cancer within a week, completely wiping it out in some animals.’
    • ‘I think what you need to consider is the possibility of wiping that debt out completely - your number of $200 billion is correct.’
    • ‘The protagonist, of course, has the job of tracking down the source of this virus and wiping it out.’
    • ‘Fortunately, there are thousands of scientists working all over the world probing this disease - its roots and mechanisms - in order to wipe it out once and for all.’
    • ‘If you punish bad behavior, the net effect is not, as intended, to wipe it out - but, instead, to drive it underground and inadvertently entrench it.’