Definition of winter squash in English:

winter squash


  • A squash that has a hard rind and may be stored.

    • ‘Squash bugs probably get on my winter squash but there is such a tangle of vines and no need to get involved with them on a regular basis that I don't see them.’
    • ‘Almost all vining crops will benefit from pruning - winter squash, pumpkins, melons, cucumbers and tomatoes.’
    • ‘And what about nutritious foods such as whole grains and fruits, or starchy vegetables such as sweet potatoes and winter squash - how do they fit into a carb-conscious eating plan?’
    • ‘The larger winter squashes such as the Green Mountain, Hubbard, and banana, are also desirable varieties.’
    • ‘A freezer well-stocked with broccoli, spinach, winter squash and carrots offers nutrient-dense choices.’
    • ‘To the early settlers, squash was just another mysterious New World food that they ate to survive the hard winters, but today's winter squashes are not such a puzzle.’
    • ‘Gather winter squash to cure at room temperature, then store in a cool spot inside.’
    • ‘The dividing line between summer squash and winter squash thus corresponds to differences in use.’
    • ‘The generous-sized garden makes room for the sprawling vine crops like winter squash that store well without processing.’
    • ‘It is a winter squash with a delicate chestnut flavor.’
    • ‘The bulk of the book is devoted to detailed instructions on how to grow over 70 vegetables from sprouts, onions and turnips to the more exotic Mibuna and Mizuma greens, Pak Choi and winter squash.’
    • ‘They have a fan-cooled root cellar, store winter squash in an insulated box truck and grow supplemental greens in trays on benches in a greenhouse heated to a nighttime minimum temp of 42 degrees.’
    • ‘According to the award-winning regional supermarket, Booth's, we should all be eating Cumberland sausages, Kentish cobnuts, blackberries, Cox's apples, kale, winter squash and Gressingham duck.’
    • ‘We realized it's not worth it financially to put water into crops that take all season to grow, like winter squash or cabbage.’
    • ‘With its velvety texture, buttery flavor and oodles of fiber, winter squash packs this recipe with taste and nutrition.’
    • ‘The other squash we know and like is pumpkin, a winter squash used almost exclusively for pie in our country and to a lesser extent for baked goods such as breads, cakes and cookies.’
    • ‘Good sources of carotenoids include winter squashes, carrots, apricots, broccoli and green leafy vegetables such as collard greens.’
    • ‘Other research fields here are dedicated to variety trials for organic corn, soybeans and wheat, and organic pest management strategies in peas, beans, winter squash and sweet corn.’
    • ‘Also, summer squashes take up less room then do the winter squash.’
    • ‘This is by far the sweetest winter squash yet developed.’