Definition of wine steward in English:

wine steward


  • A waiter responsible for serving wine.

    • ‘The wine steward returned with the champagne and two flute glasses.’
    • ‘The waiter also serves as a wine steward, so passengers generally need to know what vintages they like or dislike.’
    • ‘He said Mr Lane had joined the club in 1935 and rowed until after the war, and had subsequently been treasurer twice, and also wine steward, before becoming president in 1985, serving in the post for 17 years.’
    • ‘I'm telling the wine steward to put aside a bottle of something good for after your meal.’
    • ‘If it's corked, it will smell moldy, or taste like vinegar, or be revolting in some other fairly obvious fashion. If you think there's something terribly wrong with it, ask the wine steward to taste it.’
    • ‘The wine steward, unused to joking of this sort, maintained a perplexed expression.’
    • ‘Mr Culley now worked as a wine steward on the RMS Orion, the paper explained, and lived in Middlesex.’
    • ‘Tommy Guerrero served as the wine steward.’
    • ‘The wine stewards - ‘Unlike those stupid nurses,’ he may have thought - will pay for themselves, and then some.’
    • ‘Robert, I'm sure that you will select the best wines and brandies for the party, so I'm appointing you as wine steward.’
    • ‘I admit our wine steward didn't have exactly what I was looking for.’
    • ‘The Pharaoh wakes up all his magicians and his soothsayers and his astrologers and none of them can figure out what the dream was about, and then the wine steward says, ‘I remember, there was this Jewish kid in prison who interprets dreams.’’
    • ‘He also stumped up $5k to rent one of the club's Presidential Rooms and ‘generously tipped the personal wine steward, maitre d' and waitress who came with the private room ’, according to the New York Daily News.’
    • ‘The wine steward will serve it by the glass and keep it refrigerated overnight.’
    • ‘After hours of lugging and unpacking heavy boxes, he would freshen up, put on a jacket, and work the floor of the restaurant as wine steward until the end of the night.’
    • ‘We have both been working with Cabbhan's horses, but now I will be disguised as a wine steward while Tom works in the kitchen.’
    • ‘The wine steward came and filled their glasses.’
    • ‘It seems that Michael Jackson has the only playroom in the Western world with a wine steward.’