Definition of wine cooler in English:

wine cooler


  • 1A container for chilling a bottle of wine.

    • ‘Sideboards, too, often had cellarets (boxes in which wine bottles could reach room temperature) and wine coolers incorporated in cupboards and drawers.’
    • ‘On show will be designs and prototypes representing all forms of engineering including a wine cooler, robotic fighting machine and a hovercraft.’
    • ‘Haier claims 30% of the market for small fridges and half the market for wine coolers in America, and a tenth of Europe's air-conditioner market.’
    • ‘The ladder leads to the lifeguard chair he uses for a closer view of the wall-mounted television and to an elevated wine cooler placed nearby.’
    • ‘The room is a cook's dream, with stainless steel integrated appliances including a range cooker, an American-style double fridge-freezer and a wine cooler.’
    • ‘It was climate controlled and contained the large freezer for the household, and two refrigerated wine coolers.’
    • ‘Acting on the desire for a drink from the wine cooler at a banquet is not always a good idea, nor is having such a desire. According to Aristotle, the good human being has a soul in which these functions are consistently done well.’
    • ‘I imagine, like me, you've got a Rapid Ice wine cooler in your freezer, waiting for that next bottle of white.’
    • ‘It comes with a five-ring gas hob and oven, a Belfast sink, an integrated fridge and a La Cave wine cooler.’
    • ‘It has a Belfast sink, a Britannia stainless steel range, a Gaggenau American fridge-freezer, a built-in Neff dishwasher and an Amana wine cooler.’
    • ‘Another cold storage item great for entertaining is a wine cooler.’
    • ‘The people learned how to make ceramic items in turtle shapes and designs, such as salt and pepper shakers, wine coolers, and napkin holders.’
    • ‘In addition to bowls, rummers, water jugs and wine coolers, there are a number of rare decanters including several by the Cork Glass Company.’
    • ‘In the middle is an enormous table with a big basin, like a wine cooler.’
    • ‘The finger bowl that we had to ask for was made usable by the addition of a couple of ice cubes from the wine cooler.’
    • ‘Sometimes he sets himself problems, as in his picture, from the Rennes Museum, of fruit and a wine cooler.’
    • ‘Instead of a keg I get a boxed wine cooler with a little plastic outlet valve, and Harris and I drink out of paper cups at a picnic table in the park.’
    • ‘The other item is a Victorian sterling silver wine cooler in the shape of the Warwick Vase dating from 1853.’
    • ‘A silver salver and a wine cooler were packed by mistake, he told police.’
    • ‘But what about the big stuff - dishes, wine coolers, trophies, teapots - should you be lucky enough to own any?’
    1. 1.1 A bottled drink made from wine, fruit juice, and carbonated water.
      • ‘The wild berry wine cooler trickled down her throat.’
      • ‘They carry no imports, no ‘malt beverages’, and no wine coolers.’
      • ‘Madame chose a wine cooler to go with her lunch, while Singha Gold filled the bill for me.’
      • ‘William had a beer in his hand while CiCi stuck with her wine cooler.’
      • ‘She swerved her way through till she reached the fridge and pulled out a wine cooler, swallowing half the contents immediately.’
      • ‘The wine cooler slipped out of Adelle's hand and fell to the floor.’
      • ‘Serving a wine cooler in a paper bag is like serving antifreeze in a champagne flute, or a pousse café in a syringe.’
      • ‘Bartles & James were among the first to create the wine cooler back in the '60s, exploiting their grandfatherly charm to flog their product.’
      • ‘On Hillary's salary a tube of Polo mints once a month and a small bottle of wine cooler is about it.’
      • ‘The site already has downloaded to her home computer even as she sits in her lounge chair sipping a wine cooler.’
      • ‘Heavy drinking was defined as consumption of five or more drinks at a single time, with one drink equalling one bottle of beer or glass of draught; one glass of wine or wine cooler or 1.5 ounces of spirits.’
      • ‘After a few minutes he chose a bottle of a generic wine cooler.’
      • ‘A grown man claiming he had three tequila shots or a half-pint of Jack Daniels before going out is no better than a preteen girl stumbling and giggling all over the Wal-Mart parking lot after half a wine cooler.’
      • ‘I washed it all down with what was left of my wine cooler.’
      • ‘She nodded, taking a sip of her girly wine cooler.’
      • ‘But I was still only feeling tipsy as I opened my third wine cooler - apparently Colin and Matson didn't even like them, they had bought them for me - and Caleb and I were walking back towards the house again.’
      • ‘Sangria is like a wine cooler, just with more gin.’
      • ‘You see, I have this job that requires that I commute with some regularity between Atlanta and New York City and while I enjoy the frequent flyer miles and the free wine coolers in the Delta Crown Room, there are many, many drawbacks.’
      • ‘If a can of beer, a 5-ounce glass of wine, a wine cooler and a shot of vodka have the same alcohol content, why are they not taxed equally?’
      • ‘I smiled back and led him to the kitchen, where Adam was emptying out bags of gummy worms and bears, and Athena was putting the sodas into our wine cooler.’


wine cooler