Definition of windsock in English:



  • A light, flexible cylinder or cone mounted on a mast to show the direction and strength of the wind, especially at an airfield.

    • ‘I land effortlessly by the windsock and walk my glider on to the nice green grass by the clubhouse.’
    • ‘The magnetotail is the part of the magnetosphere pushed in the direction of the solar wind - shaped like a giant windsock and stretching at least two million kilometres into space on the night side of the Earth.’
    • ‘There are lead-in lights from the river approach, landing floodlights, a marker beacon and a lighted windsock.’
    • ‘The goal line did not have a windsock on a mast at either end as required by Section 7A, 17.2.’
    • ‘The windsock at the airfield has had a definite droop all week, and the sea is as flat as a pond, except for intermittent splashes from the seals, as they play amongst the seaweed out in the bay.’
    • ‘The idea is to create some other vertical structures in this environment besides the antennas, flagpoles and windsocks situated all about the station.’
    • ‘The windsock at the airport shows a bit of its mouth as we approach the southeast/northwest runway from the west.’
    • ‘There was a shoddy wooden control tower, with a moth-eaten windsock and several obsolete instruments on it.’
    • ‘The tail effectively becomes a windsock for measuring the speed of the solar wind.’
    • ‘‘We have windsocks out there, streamers, kites and a model airplane that flies around during the show,’ says Laurendeau.’
    • ‘Sure enough, eventually we came to a tree with a windsock and, more reassuring, a small airplane resting in its shade.’
    • ‘The windsock is on the southern side of the runway.’
    • ‘Most airports have a segmented circle, usually in the center of the airport, often lighted at night and typically containing a windsock.’
    • ‘Resembling a miniature windsock, the filter is deployed by means of a 0.14-in.-thick guidewire.’
    • ‘For the ceremony, countries have flags, not colored windsocks.’
    • ‘Nearby, a hefty fellow with a little orange windsock pinned to his baseball cap quips, ‘Hell, the safest place to stand with this guy is on the target!’’
    • ‘Any ground noted for its wind should have a windsock.’
    • ‘With no time to lose, windsocks and the obligatory Red Bull tent were erected, the sound system plugged in and gliders hastily prepared as two helicopters flew up from the valley to shoot air-to-air footage.’
    • ‘The cabana concept began with three metaphors: the windsock that responds to the wind's shift in direction, the palm tree that flexes in high winds but continues to stand, and the camera aperture that opens and closes.’
    • ‘When the passengers take off from Westray they can see the windsock on the runway a mile and a half away on Papa Westray.’