Definition of window washer in US English:

window washer


  • A person employed to clean windows.

    • ‘Duncan and his entourage were perched on a hanging scaffold, like window washers.’
    • ‘Joaquin Olivero, a window washer, prefers buildings his ladder can reach.’
    • ‘Mr. Singh and the window washer opened the door of a neighboring building and found a blanket.’
    • ‘Early on Tuesday, two window washers who had been stuck on scaffolding outside a Times Square high-rise were pulled safely inside the building.’
    • ‘They were window washers, also brothers.’
    • ‘George becomes a window washer, using his climbing skills to scale the skyscrapers (the story appears to be set in Manhattan).’
    • ‘He starts off by becoming a window washer at the World Wide Wicket Company.’
    • ‘And doctors say words like unprecedented, and amazing, only begin to describe a window washer's recovery from a 47-story fall.’
    • ‘Earlier in the program, we told you about the window washer who fell 500 feet and survived.’
    • ‘He said a proper safety harness will save a window washer's life if the scaffolding underneath suddenly gives way.’
    • ‘Take a look at this, window washers hanging from the side of a 31-story building high above the ground there.’
    • ‘Nina's scenes with the window washer are hysterical.’
    • ‘In 1932, Carfano helped Scalise get a charter for a local union of window washers.’
    • ‘Within hours of that rescue, a second emergency call came in about a window washer.’
    • ‘He was a cleaner and a window washer.’
    • ‘Like a window washer working on a skyscraper, the body's natural detoxification system never quite catches up with the grime.’
    • ‘Last week we had our windows cleaned, and the window washer showed us the safety glass label at the lower corner of the door.’
    • ‘Two window washers in Denver took a wild ride, high above the city streets.’
    • ‘The miracle window washer takes another amazing step towards recovery.’
    • ‘A similar thing happened in Denver a couple years ago when a window washer's platform broke loose in high winds.’