Definition of wind scorpion in US English:

wind scorpion


  • another term for sun spider
    • ‘Some 1,100 species of wind scorpions, known to science as solifugids, inhabit the desert regions of Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.’
    • ‘They are also called wind scorpions because they appear to run as fast as the wind.’
    • ‘Worldwide, there are about 900 known species of wind scorpions, and in North America there are 120.’
    • ‘Chomping down with oversize jaws, a wind scorpion (also known as a camel spider, sun spider, or solifugid) lunches on a lizard in California's Mojave Desert.’
    • ‘The jaws of a wind scorpion are proportionally larger than almost any other animal on Earth.’


wind scorpion

/ˈwind ˌskôrpēən/