Definition of wind load in US English:

wind load

(also wind loading)


  • The force on a structure arising from the impact of wind on it.

    • ‘With inadequate anchors, the brick veneer resists the wind load without the help of the metal studs.’
    • ‘It acts as a grid to support the door, the walkway, and the motors, and it becomes a long-span girt that takes the wind load from the top of the doors and delivers it to the buttresses.’
    • ‘The force of the plane was a fraction of the force of the wind loading that the buildings were exposed to daily.’
    • ‘The radial increases in wood specific gravity known in many tree species have been interpreted as providing mechanical support in response to the stresses associated with wind loading.’
    • ‘We have been happily following this rule of thumb for many years by reinforcing the perimeter of veneer openings and providing lateral anchorage consistent with the UBC wind load requirements.’


wind load

/ˈwind ˌlōd/