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wind instrument


  • 1A musical instrument in which sound is produced by the vibration of air, typically by the player blowing into the instrument.

    • ‘The jubilant crowd follows the staff and the ‘ghatavali’ (the devotee with the pitcher) in procession, they are accompanied by the strong beating on big kettle drum and Mahuri, a wind instrument and another drum.’
    • ‘The troupe of dancers includes at least two drummers and a third member blows on wind instrument called ‘napira’ which looks and sounds like a trumpet.’
    • ‘Ognyan Radunov, 35, plays the kaval, a Bulgarian wind instrument.’
    • ‘In the joint composition Rainforest Images, the McLeans have written for didgeridoo, the wind instrument created by Australia's indigenous peoples.’
    • ‘At one moment, the harp sounds like a fine-tuned guitar, at another it's like an enhanced electric wind instrument, with beautiful fluctuations, transitions and crescendos.’
    • ‘However, as it turned out, I learnt from my contemporaries that you don't necessarily need a wind instrument to make wind music.’
    • ‘I learned over the years that the only way to go about playing a wind instrument is to consider it as one's own singing voice.’
    • ‘Singing jazz standards, accompanied by as many as 71 players, Mitchell holds her own and then some, sounding like a beautifully aged wind instrument.’
    • ‘I turned down the treble control to minus 10, and even then, the high-pitched sound of the kaval, a traditional folk wind instrument widely used around the Balkans, urged me to hit the stop button.’
    • ‘Among archetypical industrial albums, this one excels in creative uses of a used car tire, an air compressor, and a turntable powered wind instrument.’
    • ‘It sounded like a wind instrument, maybe flute, but it was so different from anything Keithran had ever heard before that he wasn't really sure.’
    • ‘I don't care if you can play every wind instrument known to man, if you haven't wasted a Thursday afternoon listening to Bob Marley in your friend's basement then you've failed yourself.’
    • ‘During speech, singing, or playing a wind instrument, the size of the aperture is narrowed and varied, to produce sounds of different pitch.’
    • ‘A typical Australian conundrum, Riley is a Chinese American who has settled here in Australia but is the first non Japanese to become a grand master on this traditional Japanese wind instrument.’
    • ‘Although I'm not a huge jazz fan, I loved the fact that you're never out of earshot of someone playing a trumpet or some other wind instrument.’
    • ‘The patient had not undergone any recent dental manipulation and had never played a wind instrument.’
    • ‘There's an odd ringing melody darting around in the background, and if I didn't know better I'd swear there was some kind of wind instrument playing it, but more likely it's a ghostly resonance left behind by the drums.’
    • ‘Of these, the one that stands out in my mind is ‘Roza,’ a dance song performed on the duduk, the double-reed wind instrument that Azerbaijan and Armenia both claim belongs to them.’
    • ‘A musician-dancer blows the reed-pipe wind instrument, while going through various dance movements.’
    • ‘I was interested in didgeridoos because it's a wind instrument and I'm a player of wind instruments and we've done some research on it.’
    wind instruments.
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    1. 1.1 A woodwind instrument as distinct from a brass instrument.
      • ‘The only thing that really seemed odd about the scene was that no one was holding a wind instrument, like a flute or an oboe or anything.’
      • ‘The money will help pay for a project director to develop music at pre-school and primary school level and provide free local string and wind instrument projects.’
      • ‘As Nicholas Daniel observed, Poulenc had a sure understanding of wind instruments, composing solo sonatas for each of them, except the bassoon.’
      • ‘The graceful instrumental invention illustrates Strauss's mastery in writing for wind instruments.’
      • ‘Norrington's line-up is mainly modern, with some period wind instruments and valveless brass.’
      • ‘A lot of sax players play many brands of that instrument, plus other wind instruments like clarinet or flute.’
      • ‘He was said to be proficient at almost every wind instrument.’
      • ‘The oboe, one of the finest wind instruments among others such as the flute, clarinet, and bassoon, originated in Iran.’
      • ‘And wailing loud and clear over the beats, virtuoso Tigran Aleksanyan on duduk, bringing the house down with the most sublime wood wind instrument on this earth, which like Tigran comes from Armenia.’
      • ‘Its pretty limiting for the bassoon in the Orchestra, you don't really get much of a chance to really play or see what that wind instrument is capable of.’
      • ‘Percussion, brass, bass, guitar and wind instruments are the stimulants of choice, so soak up the lunar splendour with Stipsky at this free gig from 7.30 pm.’
      • ‘The ensemble instrumentation is any combination of brass, guitar, piano, string and wind instruments.’
      • ‘The only wind instrument, the wooden ‘courting flute,’ had six finger stops and was blown from the end.’
      • ‘If you teach a string or wind instrument, you know your students spend a lot of time practicing incomplete pieces.’
      • ‘The wind instruments are flutes or panpipes - a row of pipes of various lengths attached together; the percussion is drums and rattles.’
      • ‘I'm sure there's a conspiracy in our nation's primary schools to foist this particular junior wind instrument on all children between the ages of 8 and 11.’
      • ‘Diagrams relating fingering to notes have occasionally been used for such wind instruments as the recorder, flageolet, oboe, and clarinet in instrumental tutors since the 16th century.’
      • ‘Damien Doolan and Colm Guilfoyle competed in the under-14 wind instrument category but unfortunately did not come out tops this time.’
      • ‘Even finer is the Quintet for four wind instruments and piano, written a couple of years later for the BBC, and ranking among the strongest British chamber works of the century.’
      whistle, penny whistle, flute, recorder, fife
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wind instrument

/ˈwind ˌinstrəmənt//ˈwɪnd ˌɪnstrəmənt/