Definition of wind gauge in US English:

wind gauge


  • 1An anemometer.

    • ‘Back on the bridge of Gemini Storm, George and I watched as the digital wind gauge increased to 14 knots.’
    • ‘She finished second in the race overall in a time of 12.5 seconds - but her record may not be ratified because the wind gauge was not working.’
    • ‘Juneau residents tell you with glee that when meteorologists decided to measure the strength of the Taku, the wind gauges they erected were blown away.’
    • ‘And we have wind gauges that tell us of 45 miles an hour tropical storm force.’
    • ‘A wind gauge is required on top of the Rock with a dial that all can read at the bottom.’
    • ‘The next day he was told a faulty wind gauge had invalidated his time.’
    • ‘His outdoor best at the AAA Champs would also have been a national record but for the lack of a functioning wind gauge at Manchester.’
    1. 1.1 An apparatus attached to the sights of a gun enabling allowance to be made for the wind in shooting.
      • ‘The gunner's 1A43 day FCS comprises: 1G46 day sight/rangefinder with missile guidance channel, 2E42-4 armament stabiliser, 1V528 ballistic computer and DVE-BS wind gauge.’


wind gauge

/ˈwɪn(d) ˌɡeɪdʒ//ˈwin(d) ˌɡāj/