Definition of willow herb in US English:

willow herb

(also willowherb)


  • A plant of temperate regions that typically has willowlike leaves and pink or pale purple flowers.

    "Epilobium" and related genera, family "Onagraceae": many species, including the common hairy willow herb ("E. hirsutum") and the common fireweed ("E. angustifolium")

    • ‘Among the common wildflowers are one-flowered cinquefoil, woolly lousewort, alpine willowherb, three saxifrages, and an Indian paintbrush.’
    • ‘Not long ago so many plants sprouted from a single packet of seed that willowherb itself might have been jealous.’
    • ‘But this warbler is usually associated with tangled vegetation near water or with reedbeds containing alders and an undergrowth including bramble, nettle and willowherb.’
    • ‘If its tenacity in our garden is anything to go by, willowherb (along with cockroaches, apparently) will survive any nuclear onslaught.’
    • ‘And I do wonder why she had to find her inspiration in the rose bay willowherb she saw in Germany, when there must be a wealth of other imagery in the Park itself (including willowherb, I'm sure).’


willow herb

/ˈwilō (h)ərb/