Definition of willfulness in US English:


(also wilfulness)


  • See willful

    • ‘I have a fellow feeling for the absent-minded who are accused of wilfulness.’
    • ‘Is it willfulness, stubbornness, or just an attempt to be in control at the expense of everything and everyone else?’
    • ‘Too much attention given to the only child in a family not only blinds parents' ability to reason and clouds their judgement, it also encourages the child's willfulness.’
    • ‘Sometimes Jaime drove his parents to distraction with his willfulness, and some nights, when he would not sleep - he was so busy watching the world outside and wondering what more there was to see - they lost their tempers.’
    • ‘This sort of undertaking is not an exercise in constitutional interpretation but an act of judicial willfulness that has no logical stopping point.’