Definition of wild rice in US English:

wild rice


  • 1A tall aquatic North American grass related to rice, with edible grains.

    Zizania aquatica, family Gramineae

    • ‘If your pond is at least three feet deep, you can experiment with wild rice, water lotus, and water lily.’
    • ‘The latter, sometimes called Manchurian wild rice or water grass, has broader leaves, which are used for wrapping dumplings.’
    • ‘This area supports an extensive stand of wild rice, as well as the federal-threatened Aeschynomene virginica.’
    • ‘Gish did not identify any wild rice, maize, or cucurbit pollen.’
    • ‘The Ahnishinabe Native American Indian tribe of North America say their ancestors saw in visions tracts of wild rice.’
    1. 1.1 The grain of the wild rice plant used as food.
      • ‘In a serving bowl, combine the wild rice, brown rice, raisin mixture, almonds, parsley, salt and pepper.’
      • ‘For example, if you like the chewiness and nutty flavor of brown rice, consider trying other grains, such as barley, quinoa (pronounced kinwah), bulgur wheat or wild rice.’
      • ‘The designer had the free range chicken stuffed with sweet potatoes and chèvre, wild rice, sautéed spinach roast pepper and tomato dressing at £14.’
      • ‘I'm making lemon chicken with wild rice, peppers, and a salad.’
      • ‘A few whole grains you should add to your diet include brown and wild rice, barley, oats, kasha, quinoa, bulgur and buckwheat.’
      • ‘In a large bowl, combine white rice and wild rice.’
      • ‘The following has all the goodness of old-fashioned rice pudding but receives extra flair with the addition of wild rice.’
      • ‘The Dad ordered marinated lamb brochette on a bed of garlic wild rice and red pepper dressing for €16.’
      • ‘Spend some energy on a side dish, such as a wonderful wild rice pilaf with dried apricots, cranberries, and pistachios.’
      • ‘They also collected a broad variety of wild herbs, wild vegetables such as acorns, water chestnuts, and broad beans, and possibly wild rice.’
      • ‘And there was a stir-fry of tofu, wild rice and cabbage, which nearly gave me away.’
      • ‘‘Thyme-infused wild rice’ turned out to be undistinguished white rice - a few wild rice grains flecked through it - and tasted like Cuppa Soup.’
      • ‘Abi fancied some wild rice last night, so I cooked up something a little different: pork loin with a maple syrup and pineapple glaze with wild rice and lentils.’
      • ‘Some recommendations: crushed purple potatoes, wild rice salad, melted leeks, truffle gnocchi, and mushroom consommé with cognac.’
      • ‘Yet, the wild rice in this instance works quite well, adding a simple dimension of crunch to a pie that is otherwise dominated by the nutty, woody, smoky flavors of morel and bison.’
      • ‘Joan's mother, who was stirring around the wild rice, shot her head up in alarm.’
      • ‘Ditto the duck breast, which seemed to get lost in a mixture of bland wild rice and overly sweet peach purée.’
      • ‘I liked the look of the mushroom balti, which came with wild rice, two small garlic naan breads and salad.’
      • ‘For example, try quinoa in stuffed bell peppers, wild rice in salads and amaranth in soups.’
      • ‘My wife had twauh-chull: grilled buffalo meat and onions served over a bed of wild rice with a homemade blue-corn tortilla, sautéed vegetables and beans.’


wild rice

/ˌwīld ˈrīs/