Definition of wide-body in English:



  • 1[attributive] Having a wide body, in particular.

    • ‘Instead, teams put wide-body defensemen on him and try to keep him away from the net.’
    • ‘A wide-body run stuffer who doesn't offer much as a pass rusher.’
    • ‘Green is a wide-body run stuffer, another short, but stocky defensive lineman for Dom Capers to rotate into the game.’
    • ‘‘I think we need to get another, kind of an up-front, wide-body guy,’ he said.’
    1. 1.1(of a large jet airplane) having a wide fuselage.
      • ‘At the same time, the imminent introduction of wide-bodied aircraft threatened to shake up the entire industry for the second time in ten years.’
      • ‘Although business jets flew cross-polar routes before widebody airliners, they are yet to master everyday flying over the North Pole.’
      • ‘It is in dire need of a new terminal and extended runway for international flights and wide-bodied aircraft.’
      • ‘Full-service Asian airlines operated wide-bodied aircraft which could carry a full cargo load.’
      • ‘It said its fleet will swell from 86 wide-bodied aircraft at present to 103 in about three years.’
    2. 1.2US (of a tennis racket) having a wide head.
      • ‘Over a period of years, modern racket technology has developed powerful, light, wide-bodied rackets that are easier to wield than wooden rackets were and have a much larger effective hitting area.’
      • ‘These results are all the more impressive because most top professionals are not yet using the most radical designs, exceptionally stiff wide-bodied rackets that they feel don't allow enough topspin.’


  • 1A large jet airplane with a wide fuselage.

    • ‘All the planes are widebodies - 21 superjumbo A380s, 18 A340-600s, and two A340-500s.’
    • ‘The cases involved large and small transport aircraft, 18 different models, from the Jetstream 31 and the Canadair Regional Jet to an A300 widebody.’
    • ‘Airbus would almost certainly stay in business, selling the A330 and A340 widebodies and the single-aisle A320.’
    • ‘For some aircraft, such as the older but popular widebodies, the first factor is having a greater effect than the second, and there is a net increase in value.’
    • ‘A spokesman for the airline said the widebody suited the Edinburgh route better as it almost doubled the number of business class seats to 25.’
  • 2US A tennis racket with a wide head.

    • ‘One problem with widebodies occurs when people try to hit the ball edge on as in extreme sliced shots or topspin shots. You tend to hit the side of the racquet a lot more.’
  • 3US informal A large, heavily built person, especially one who plays a team sport.

    • ‘Poor tackling on the perimeter caused the run defense to struggle last season, and starting DTs John Thornton and Langston Moore need a widebody to join the rotation.… The Ravens have to find a defensive lineman who can collapse the pocket.’
    • ‘Pili is a widebody who can eat blocks and stuff the run, but is not going to generate much of a pass rush.’
    • ‘Spencer and Wilis are widebodies who have athletic ability and nasty streaks.’
    • ‘The Texans prefer massive widebodies to keep blockers off of the linebackers, but he may be able to turn some heads if he is consistently able to penetrate and make plays.’