Definition of wickerwork in English:



  • 1Wicker.

    • ‘Cribs, cradles and bassinets are traditionally woven from wickerwork.’
    • ‘Either of simple wickerwork or of wood and covered with the skin of a sheep or goat, it was of crescent shape, a segment being cut out of the top edge to allow the peltast unobstructed vision while casting his javelin.’
    • ‘Chairs are woven wickerwork, though there are some padded alcove booths along the sides as well.’
    • ‘In Europe armourers have invariably been workers in metal, but in other parts of the world materials such as wickerwork, bone, and coconut fibre have been used.’
    1. 1.1 Furniture or other items made of wicker.
      • ‘There will be exhibitors offering garden furniture, pots, wickerwork, gardening tools and implements old and new, wrought ironwork and various craft stalls.’
      • ‘Aristotle noted the principle on which the camera obscura depends, having observed how the round image of the sun passed undistorted through the angular interstices of wickerwork.’
      • ‘A stretch of flowing water set aside for catching fish by the use of wickerwork or basketry traps attached to artificial structures placed on the bed of the river or stream.’
      • ‘Yemenis still practice traditional handicrafts such as silver and copperwork, dagger manufacturing, carpentry, boat building, pottery, weaving and dyeing, wickerwork, and leather tanning.’
      • ‘The display included paintings, embroidery, wickerwork, all types of souvenirs, items from wood, etc.’