Definition of wickedly in US English:



  • 1In a way that is evil or morally wrong.

    ‘he has behaved wickedly’
    ‘Lucy was wickedly and savagely murdered’
    • ‘The jurors of our sovereign lord and lady present that he hath wickedly and feloniously used certain detestable arts, called witchcraft and sorceries.’
    • ‘In Hindi, a man who behaves wickedly is described as behaving like Ravana, and the effigies of Ravana that are burnt at Dusshera mark the triumph of good over evil.’
    • ‘He is also pitted against Colin Farrell's wickedly psychotic Bullseye, and - on occasion - even his love interest, Jennifer Garner's Elektra.’
    • ‘If a man lives wickedly, he shall suffer.’
    • ‘She had even more cause for concern as her son's peers were none other than the wickedly decadent court of Charles II!’
    1. 1.1 In a way that is unpleasant or capable of causing harm.
      ‘long wickedly curved claws’
  • 2In a playfully mischievous manner.

    ‘Jane grabbed her foot to tickle and grinned wickedly’
    as submodifier ‘her wickedly funny memoirs of life on a tiny island’
    • ‘She backed away a step, smiling wickedly.’
    • ‘Able only to mumble coded secrets, poets often seem the village idiots so wickedly satirized by Woody Allen's Love and Death.’
    • ‘Her wickedly observant songwriting is always entertaining, whether you're nursing a hangover or creating one.’
    • ‘The 1970 musical Purlie wickedly lampooned a southern segregationist.’
    • ‘Truth be told, the show is so wickedly clever it can stand toe-to-toe with the best of any American sitcom on record.’