Definition of whup in English:



[WITH OBJECT]often in phrase whup someone's ass or 'butt'
North American
  • 1 Beat or assault (someone)

    ‘they would whup him and send him home’
    ‘he almost got his ass whupped a few times’
    • ‘Building a city from blocks, dice, toy soldiers and other odds and ends, he's transported into a make-believe municipality just in time to slay a monster, whup a villain, load up an ark - and learn a few lessons in kindness and humility.’
    • ‘He could get real cross when he drank, but he didn't whup us much long as we steered clear.’
    • ‘We were so angry, if we weren't at work we would've whupped this little man.’
    1. 1.1 Utterly defeat or dominate (an opponent or rival)
      ‘he promised that he would resign after his party got whupped in the elections’
      ‘if you lined up our guys against the 49ers, they'd get whupped’


Late 19th century: variant of whip.